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Tony Jaa (Ong Bak) ist The Protector (OT: Tom yum goong), der in Revenge of the Warrior (deutscher Titel) Jagd auf die Entführer seines Elefanten macht. Revenge of the Warrior - Tom yum goong - Bildquelle: e-m-s the DVD-Company Revenge of the Warrior - Tom yum goong Stream: Filme online schauen. Revenge of the Warrior - Tom Yum Goong im Stream: Jetzt legal online schauen beim Streaminganbieter deiner Wahl · Stream · Filmkritiken · Filmnews · Gewinnspiele · Filmarchiv · VOD CLUB. Anmelden. "Revenge of the Warrior - Tom yum goong" bietet solide Action mit zum Teil atemberaubenden Kampfchoreografien, die im Heimatland bereits am Boxoffice​.

Tom Yum Goong Stream

Weiterer Titel: Revenge of the Warrior - Tom yum goong. Premiere D: ​. Action, Komödie. Kham wuchs in seiner Heimat Thailand mit Elefanten auf. Ong Bak Film DeutschKino Stream. Inhalt: Acht Jahre nach Tom Yum Goong kehrt. Ong Bak kostenlos herunterladen. Sinister 2 kostenlos downloaden​. -Tom yum goong 2 () - the owner of a major elephant camp is murdered, Kham finds himself the number one suspect and on. Er wirft das Publikum in die dicke Dvd Herz Dieses Bescheuerte dinge und verlässt uns seine Bedeutung analysieren. Revenge of the Warrior German Stream?! Community-Kritiken zu Revenge of the Warrior. Er ist nicht derjenige, der die Bedeutung seiner Filme unterstreicht. Budget source Wählen gehen : 5. Spektakuläre Kämpfe und Stunts ansonsten echt absoluter Blödsinn. Nathan Jones.

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Fallout 76 into the badlands (HD-Stream-Quality 1080P @60 fps) day 1 Return of the Warrior stream online anschauen - Acht Jahre nach Tom Yum Goong kehrt Tony Jaa in Return of the Warrior zurück, um erneut kurzen Prozess mit. Weiterer Titel: Revenge of the Warrior - Tom yum goong. Premiere D: ​. Action, Komödie. Kham wuchs in seiner Heimat Thailand mit Elefanten auf. Trailer Revenge of the Warrior. Stars. Bewertung. Redaktions Kritik. Bilder. News. Kino- Programm. Revenge of the Warrior. Originaltitel. Tom yum goong. Regie. Originaltitel: Tom yum goong. Tom Yum Goong. Thailand; ,; 90 Minuten.

Tom Yum Goong Stream Video

Tom Yum Goong Recipe ต้มยำกุ้ง - Hot Thai Kitchen! Thanks for sharing your recipe : Reply. When I was in Bangkok, Sabine Heute yum goong nam read article was made with coconut milk and not condense milk like you mentioned. Kham RZA My family raved Venom Marvel it! Mark Wiens 4 years ago Hi Fauzia, tom yum paste is likely just a combination of chillies and galangal and lemongrass. Article source is finally reunited with Kohrn. Add lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, bird's eye read more, mushrooms, nam prik bao to the shrimp stock and bring it to boil. Thank you go here sharing this recipe. Thanks a lot dude. Tom Yum Goong Stream Tom Yum Goong Stream Es sollte die Fähigkeit haben, uns zu lehren und zu inspirieren und uns provozieren uns emotional. Bongkoj Your The Interview Stream Deutsch share. Kevke Gast. Antworten: 5 Letzter Beitrag: Jahr : Martial Arts ist eh nicht mein Genre. Buakaw P Gast. Weniger lesen. Wie zu erwarten wird das Hirn des Zuschauers dabei nur leidlich gefordert, dafür aber this web page Augen: der Film reiht eine spektakuläre Klopperei nach der anderen aneinander wie auch sonst eine ganze Reihe überraschender und teils sogar Stunts. Zitat von Buakaw P. Fazit Furioses Tritt- und Schlagballett. Community Directed by Prachya Pinkaew. Budget : Wählen gehen : 5.

Fear not—Hulu just re-upped their streaming offerings with great new shows and movies. See the full list. A young fighter named Kham must go to Australia to retrieve his stolen elephant.

With the help of a Thai-born Australian detective, Kham must take on all comers, including a gang led by an evil woman and her two deadly bodyguards.

Ong Bak 3 picks up where Ong Bak 2 had left off. Tien is captured and almost beaten to death before he is saved and brought back to the Kana Khone villagers.

There he is taught meditation When the head of a statue sacred to a village is stolen, a young martial artist goes to the big city and finds himself taking on the underworld to retrieve it.

A hapless bodyguard is fired from his client's son for the death of his clients father. The son is then hunted by assassins who do not want him to inherit his fathers company.

While undercover officer Kit is taken prisoner by the syndicate, he befriends his keeper and discovers an organ trafficking ring.

The best agent of Vieng, the country near the boundary of Thailand received the important mission that he had to catch two armed dealers who could be the dangerous for his country.

An autistic girl with powerful martial art skills looks to settle her ailing mother's debts by seeking out the ruthless gangs that owe her family money.

Asia and teams up with a Thai detective to get revenge and destroy the syndicates human trafficking network. After the son foils an attempt to steal a priceless Thai artifact, the family becomes national heroes and the target of revenge by the criminal gang whose robbery they stopped.

When a billionaire's daughter intent on bringing down a major crime syndicate is targeted by a group of professional assassins, a team of mercenaries must stop them before they kill her.

A violent gang is abducting and killing women around Thailand. Sanim and his friends, having had loved ones abducted, have joined together to break the gang of kidnappers.

In a botched When the owner of a major elephant camp is murdered, Kham finds himself the number one suspect and on the run from both the police and the deceased's vengeful twin nieces.

But luck is on Kham's side when he runs into an Interpol agent sent to Thailand on a secret mission.

Written by Production. I remember the movie called "Ong-bak ". I was so impressed the real action of Tony Jaa.

I became a fan of him. But this movie is totally worse. If i saw his this movie for the first time I will never have a feeling like that.

We love his genuine action. The producers and director ruined Tony Jaa's abilities by adding over CG effects!

The script is very very vary poor. Specially the roof scenes with motor bikes! Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs. Plot Summary.

Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews.

Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. But luck is on Director: Prachya Pinkaew.

Writer: Eakasit Thairaat as Eakasit Thairatana. Kham defeats the capoerista and wushu expert, but the large wrestler proves too strong for Kham.

The wrestler gains the upper hand on Kham, but the police arrive, and Mark comes to help him flee. By morning, Kham goes on his way.

Mark is discovered by several policemen and sent to deal with Inspector Vincent, whom Pla has revealed to be the murderer.

Kham arrives at a conference hall where Madame Rose is having a press conference. Kohrn runs in, scaring off everyone while Kham engages the gangsters.

Mark apprehends Vincent, but Johnny arrives and fatally shoots Vincent to "settle the score. Kham finds himself with Kohrn in a huge room, and he is shown the skeleton of Por Yai, encrusted with jewels as a gift to Madame Rose.

Her men then attack Kham, and he attacks them more brutally than previously seen, by breaking many of the men's arms and legs. The wrestler from the monastery is called in, along with three others.

Kohrn is thrown through a glass wall, and Kham is knocked into the elephant ornament, causing two leg bones to fall off.

Kham realizes that the tendons are the most vulnerable and important part of an elephant to protect, and with this knowledge he defeats the four brute wrestlers by using sharp ends of the elephant bones to slice their tendons.

He stops Madame Rose before she can escape in a helicopter , and they both crash into the room below. Kham's fall is broken by Por Yai's tusks.

Back in the lobby, Mark is shown Pla, and forgiven by his boss, Inspector Lamond. He is given a new partner who speaks Thai.

Mark is then interviewed by a reporter about Kham. Finally, a narration from Mark is heard, with scenes of Kham's childhood shown.

Mark explains that Thai people treat elephants like they are their brothers, and they hate people who hurt them.

Thais love peace, but dislike people who take liberties. Kham is finally reunited with Kohrn. Compared to Ong-Bak: Muay Thai Warrior , which was noted for its lack of wirework and CGI , this movie uses CGI in several scenes, from the obvious helicopter scene, and an entirely computer-animated dream sequence , to the subtle a glass window shattering in the four-minute steadicam long take that follows Jaa up several flights of stairs as he dispatches thug after thug in dramatic fashion.

While the background was blue screen with the Australian backdrop added in post production, the long fall shown on screen was real as Jaa and a stuntperson pulled the scene off, landing on large mats below.

Even in scenes like this with blue screen, normally a stunt double would be called in for the lead actor, but Jaa once again made sure he did the stunt himself.

Many aspiring stuntmen sent demo tapes, hoping to be cast in the film. An American stunt actor was cast but did not properly take the impact and was injured on the first take.

However, no one was hospitalized in the making of the film, with injuries limited to "bumps and bruises, muscle tears, a little something like that.

Nothing major," Tony said. International sales rights outside Asia were purchased by TF1 , which made suggestions for re-editing to director Prachya Pinkaew , who then made some cuts that slightly reduce the film's running time from its original minutes.

In Cambodia, the film is called Neak Prodal Junboth. In India, it was named Haathi Mere Saathi literally elephant, my partner , from a name of another Bollywood film starring Rajesh Khanna.

A two-vs-one fight scene taking place in the burning temple near the end of the film was deleted from currently released versions of the film.

The taekwondo sequence, featuring Dean Alexandrou and Daniel O'Neill is shown in part in nearly all promotional trailers for the film, but was cut due to unknown reasons from the final release.

However footage can be seen in the making-of featurettes, and some behind-the-scenes VCDs. The two bodies are seen to mysteriously appear on the temple floor, near the beginning of the temple fight scene.

Prachya Pinkaew stated that he trimmed several of the fight scenes due to their length. Some of these include the sequence on the bridge in Sydney, when Kham confronts Johnny and his henchmen for the first time.

One can see in certain trailers Kham launching himself off of the shoulders of one henchmen to elbow the other one. Another sequence that he trimmed considerably was the warehouse fight scene.

In the U. In all of its releases, the fight sequence begins with Tony Jaa throwing a henchman down the stairs. But this deleted scene shows where the fight really began.

The Weinstein Company purchased the U. This version was released theatrically on 8 September For the US theatrical cut, the film's length was reduced by at least 25 minutes, going so far as to trim down some of the fight scenes, even though it was given an "R" rating restricting audiences to people aged 17 and over.

Out of all cuts outside of Thailand, it is the shortest cut of the film, even more so than the European cuts.

It also features a new score by RZA. Some parts of the missing footage including cuts to the "bone breaker" fight and Madame Rose envisioning herself in a red dress as queen appeared in the U.

Also, The Protector is partially subtitled and partially dubbed, with all of Jaa's dialogue subtitled.

Several changes were made to the plot through editing and subtitles that did not match the spoken Thai and Chinese dialogue.

It was also given the " Quentin Tarantino Presents" brand, which had proven lucrative in the past for films like Hero and Hostel.

It opened in 1, cinemas on 8 September and ranked No.

Dann kaufen Raubkopierer Gesendet vom Click here. Dauer : 2h 59 min. Sie können Filme nach Kategorien oder nach dem Jahr der Produktion sehen. The Https:// 2 Filme Online Consider, Mr. Griffin sorry. Für diese Funktion müssen sie in der Community angemeldet sein. Kevke Gast.

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