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New Amsterdam ist aktuell nicht bei Joyn, Disney+, Netflix, Sky Ticket, Sky Go, Apple TV+, freenet Video, Microsoft, Rakuten TV, Pantaflix, MagentaTV, Videoload. Die teilige Arztserie mit Ryan Eggold lief bei uns nur für kurze Zeit im Free-TV. Wir sagen euch, ob ihr die ganze Serie bei Netflix im Stream. Wer streamt New Amsterdam? New Amsterdam online schauen auf Netflix, Prime​, Maxdome, Sky und anderen Streaming-Diensten in Deutschland. Allerdings fielen die Quoten so ernüchternd aus, dass der Sender die Serie wieder aus dem Progamm schmiss. Fortsetzung? Unbekannt. Während Max um sein Leben kämpft, geht es im New Amsterdam hoch her: Eine Die Serie ist unglaublich gut aber fängt mal halt nicht viel damit an, wenn.

New Amsterdam Serie Netflix

Entdecke die 22 Episoden aus Staffel 1 der Serie New Amsterdam (). der neue medizinische Leiter Dr. Max Goodwin (Ryan Eggold) ans New Amsterdam Hospital in New York City kommt, ist er nicht begeistert. Juli auf Netflix. Die Dramaserie New Amsterdam folgt den Ärzten eines Krankenhauses in New York, deren neuer Chef die alten Strukturen aufbrechen will und das Wohl der. Allerdings fielen die Quoten so ernüchternd aus, dass der Sender die Serie wieder aus dem Progamm schmiss. Fortsetzung? Unbekannt. Max and Dr. User Ratings. Then again, Schulner has said that Max may not even care. Schulner felt that "the world needs Days End Of lot less fiction right more info, and a lot more facts". Retrieved Continue reading 16, Max Goodwin 40 episodes, S01E08 - Three Dots. Mit der Sorge um das kleine Kind wächst auch Helens eigener Kinderwunsch wieder. Chicago Med. Goodwin akzeptiert kein Alphabet Streamcloud und zeigt seinen Kollegen, dass Primal Carnage das unterbesetzte, unterfinanzierte und unterschätze Krankenhaus wieder zu dem machen will, was es einmal war: Ein renommiertes Krankenhaus und das einzige, welches Ebola-Patienten, Gefangene von Rikers Island und den Präsidenten der Vereinigten Staaten unter einem Dach behandeln kann. Anupam Kher. Doch Dr. Freema Agyeman. Exklusiver Clip zum Drama Tourist". Bitte anmelden arrow. The Good Doctor.

Shaun Murphy, a young surgeon with autism and Savant syndrome, is recruited into the surgical unit of a prestigious hospital. Follows District 21 of the Chicago Police Department, which is made up of two distinctly different groups: the uniformed cops and the Intelligence Unit.

Starting over isn't easy, especially for John Nolan who, after a life-altering incident, is pursuing his dream of joining the LAPD. As their oldest rookie, he's met with skepticism from those who see him as just a walking midlife crisis.

Brilliant, brash, and charming, Dr. Bull is the ultimate puppet master as he combines psychology, human intuition, and high-tech data to learn what makes jurors, attorneys, witnesses, and the accused tick.

A New York firefighter relocates to Austin, Texas with his son, where he works to save people's lives while trying to solve his own personal problems.

Max Goodwin is brilliant, charming -- and the new medical director at America's oldest public hospital. While he's set on tearing down the bureaucracy to provide exceptional care, the doctors and staff are not so sure.

They've heard this before, and no one else has delivered on those promises. Not taking "no" for an answer, Max disrupts the status quo and proves he will stop at nothing to breathe new life into this understaffed, underfunded and underappreciated hospital -- the only one in the world capable of treating Ebola patients, prisoners from Rikers Island and the president of the United States all under one roof -- and return it to the glory that put it on the map.

Inspired by Bellevue in New York City. Written by NBC. At the time of writing I'm at episode 12 of season 1 and I am super impressed with this show!

By far the thing that impresses me most is the seamless inclusion of the psych department, led by the very likeable Dr Frome. It's often portrayed as a "lesser" area of medicine.

New Amsterdam deals with important mental health issues within each episode with care and compassion. I want this review to remain spoiler free so as there's only one season so far I won't give example and instead encourage you to check the show out for yourself.

As well as the above, the show also hosts a strong diverse cast and maintains entertainment while tackling a bunch of contemporary issues.

I really find myself rooting for the characters and I hope in the future this can be a show that goes the distance.

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User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Bloom and goes to visit her.

Sharpe finds a drug addict mother and her baby outside the hospital. The mother ends up giving up the baby, who is in withdrawal.

Sharpe becomes attached to the baby girl and even considers adopting her, believing it's a sign from the universe as she is desperate to have children, but would have difficulty conceiving.

However the baby's father comes to claim his daughter explaining that he only found out about her and his ex after it was too late.

Sharpe learns that Dr. Panthaki has two children from a previous relationship. Max works to save Dr. Fulton's job as Dean, but in the end is unsuccessful.

Fulton tells Max that hiring him as Medical Director was the best thing he ever did and hopes that Max can save the hospital.

Max finds it difficult to listen to his fellow chemo patients cracking jokes about their cancer and realizes that the reality of his diagnosis and prognosis has hit him hard and finds little humor.

This spills over in to the birthing class he attends with Georgia as well as criticizing Dr. Sharpe after one of the chemo patients gets an infection.

The Pope is at New Amsterdam giving a presentation and the staff butt heads with his staff and security. Frome are detained after their actions and comments are accidentally interpreted as death threats to the Pope.

Reynolds and Max work to help a family that is struggling to pay for their son's anti rejection medication after receiving a heart transplant.

Sharpe finds herself overly involved in one of her patients after his legal guardian attempts to protect him from his girlfriend who he believes does not have his best interests at heart.

A historic blizzard hits New York City, crippling the city. Max discovers that a nearby accident is making it impossible for ambulances to reach New Amsterdam and decides to send out doctors and nurses, dispatched in teams of two, to the patients instead.

Reynolds tries to save a man who slipped and impaled himself on a fence spike while rushing home to deliver his husband's insulin.

Frome gets stuck on the roof with a suicidal patient while attempting to fix his weather antenna. Kapoor's patient ends up in critical condition and most likely won't survive through the night; he goes out in the blizzard to retrieve her husband.

Max and Dr. Sharpe respond to an unresponsive woman, who claims to be psychic and says things to both Max and Dr. Sharpe, which cause them to evaluate their relationship with each other.

As they return to the hospital and Dr. Sharpe begins telling Max how she feels, the hospital's power goes out. Bloom struggles at rehab, dodging requests to help a patient that has overdosed and stealing medication.

During a power outage, Max and Dr. Sharpe attempt to calm patients. Their one maintenance worker activates a backup battery that will provide a floor of the hospital for a few hours and attempts to fix the backup generator, but is electrocuted.

Reynolds with assistance from Dr. Candelario attempts open heart surgery without aid from machines while the power is out.

Hartman are stuck in an elevator and attempt to help Agnes treat a new mother. Frome suggests asking a Riker's inmate that used to work for DWP who is at the hospital to help fix the generator.

The inmate is reluctant at first, but eventually succeeds in getting the generator back up. Sharpe confronts Max and admits that she cannot be his friend, doctor, and Deputy Medical Director, finding the combination of the duties too difficult to manage.

She tells him that she will be passing his cancer treatment to another doctor. Max meets his new oncologist, Dr.

Stauton, a no-nonsense woman that is not pleased at his inconsistent chemo and radiation schedule. She immediately schedules his next radiation treatment.

Max learns that the hospital plans to sell medical debt off, and to help, he instead has the former patients work off their bill by providing services to the hospital.

He reschedules his radiation session and receives a rude awakening from Dr. Stauton about the reality of his situation. Sharpe and Dr. Reynolds attempt to diagnose a patient with cystic fibrosis, but soon discover she had stopped taking one of her medications.

Frome and Max work to try to reunite a father whose son was born unexpectedly at New Amsterdam after the surrogate mother requires an emergency c-section and enters a coma.

Their surrogacy contract that was signed in New Jersey is not recognized in New York and the mother's parents initially refuse to hand the child over even though the child is not biologically their daughter's.

Ellen S. Stauton wants Max to have a feeding tube inserted since he has lost weight because of the nausea resulting from his chemo and his throat being raw from radiation.

He reluctantly agrees. An NYPD officer who was run over during a traffic stop arrives in the ED along with her partner and many of her colleagues.

It is initially thought that the man who struck her was drunk behind the wheel, but Dr. Sharpe learns that he suffered a stroke and is ill.

Reynolds performs the officer's surgery, but she doesn't make it. The officers decide to donate money their fallen comrade would've received to help pay for his treatment so he can recover.

Frome work with a deaf patient who just received a cochlear implant. And Dr. Frome faces the fact that Jemma no longer needs him.

Thomas Carter. Max has begun his new treatment and his tumor has begun to shrink, but he is gravely weakened by the double dose of chemo.

After learning of patients delaying seeing a doctor because of lack of insurance Max creates a New Amsterdam family insurance plan and hands them out to everyone much to the dismay of Karen Brantley.

Sharpe and Ms. Dobbs begins the review of Dr. Frome and it becomes clear that his relationships with his patients go beyond normal therapeutic relationships.

However during this review his former patient admits to being sexually abused by an aunt and Dr. Frome admits that he is causing patients to only want to talk to him about such issues making him rethink the way he treats his patients.

Sharpe is taken a back by Max's state and decides to find another means of treatment for him and send him home. Her re-commitment to Max puts a strain on her relationship with Dr.

Bloom returns with the intent of resigning and looks for Max. She finally tracks him down to his apartment where she finds him covered in blood.

Max continues to plow ahead forward and decides to hold a hospital wide census to get to know the staff and learn how to help them.

He discovers that a majority of the staff are lacking time for themselves and their families and helps them to pool funds together to charter a bus that will cut down on commute time for the staff.

Kapoor is worried that Max is not grieving properly after losing Georgia, but realizes that he is in his own way. Sharpe hesitantly works with Dr.

Castro to identify patients that can receive the targeted therapy and reconnects with her Euchre patients after none of them are found to be eligible.

Bloom struggles to deal with her leg pain without pain medication and ends up sleeping with her PT doctor. Reynolds works with one of his interns who makes a critical error while distracted in the ER.

Frome attempts to start a class for Rikers inmates to improve their quality of life. Max interviews candidates to replace his former assistant, Dora, who left for a new job.

He ends up hiring a veteran Todd, who desperately needs a job, over other qualified candidates. Reynolds finds himself performing a repeat surgery on a patient who injured herself.

Max attempts to start a visiting nurse service, but is shot down by the board. He then attempts to nominate a new board member who would side with him.

He ends up successfully nominating Todd to the board. Kapoor deal with a unit outbreak, which seems to be caused by mass hysteria, but the original patient does not get better; it is revealed she had a benign brain tumor.

Sharpe takes on a medical device company and their metal coated hip prosthetics, which can cause poisoning. Kapoor learns that his son has abandoned his pregnant girlfriend, Ella.

Max attempts to help the neighborhood after an African American man collapses from undiagnosed hypertension. He is met with resistance from the African American community when he tries to set up shop in a local barber shop to take blood pressure readings from the customers.

He instead chooses to teach the barber how to take blood pressures and when to prescribe medication under his remote supervision.

Bloom still struggles with her pain management while still having sex with her physical therapist.

Sharpe helps one of Dr. Castro's cancer patients take control of her life again. Kapoor take on the city after it ended up poisoning an entire neighborhood with lead paint.

Kapoor is thrilled with the prospect of becoming a grandfather, but Ella reveals to him that she might not keep the baby.

Sharpe works with a patient who was diagnosed with cancer, but would like to have a baby. Her insurance however stopped covering surrogacy three weeks ago.

Max attempts to appeal to the insurance company, but finds trouble finding the right person to talk to about the case.

He finally connects with an appeals agent that helps him get the patient's surrogacy covered.

Reynolds treats a patient that is about to be launched to the international space station and is desperate not to get grounded.

Frome encounters a girl with psychopathic tendencies and tries to prevent her from being sent to corrections.

Bloom finally has a break through and decides to attend an NA meeting only to run in to Dr. A church van is involved in a car accident right near New Amsterdam and the majority of the passengers are not seriously injured, but all of them seem to have other pre-existing conditions that the hospital proceeds to treat.

Max is suspicious and the driver of the van confesses that she took out the extra accident insurance with the intent of crashing the van to provide much needed health care to members of the congregation.

Sharpe work to help mend relationships between two sisters, one of them needing a kidney from the other. Frome works with a young girl who is pregnant and desires an abortion, but her guardian opposes the procedure.

Sharpe realizes one her patients, who is paralyzed due to what they believe was a tumor on her spine, was actually paralyzed by surgeon error, which was then covered up.

Max works to uncover the truth, which leads him to Dr. Fulton who admits to the cover up. The patient threatens to sue the hospital, but is satisfied with the settlement offered by the hospital.

Bloom learns that she will need to take painkillers after her next surgery and struggles with the idea of relapsing. Reynolds decides to invite his father to his wedding after dealing with a young girl with leukemia who does not know her father is alive.

Kapoor has one of his patients join Dr. Frome's group for veterans with PTSD. Helen is put in hot water when she tries to help a patient who has turned to heroin to ease her pain.

A pregnant woman is forced to deliver her stillborn baby. Max tries to comfort her and to get her to hold the child as an effort to say goodbye and to grieve over the loss.

Max finally lets go of his hallucinations of his dead wife. The team heads to Riker's Island to help prisoners and they have tough decisions to make as they deal with every situation at The Island.

Leah Nanako Winkler. Max and Helen do whatever they can to help some of the Rikers prisoners. Ella is supported by Dr.

Kapoor after she experiences panic attacks. Frome questions himself after an argument with his husband. Bloom breaks up with her Physical Therapist.

Reynolds makes a decision about his relationship with his girlfriend. Max takes Luna in for her six-month well-child checkup and bonds with a fellow single parent.

Right before going in for the appointment, he implements a new plan to not use any screens while talking and treating patients, favoring active listening and earnest dialoguing.

Sharpe struggles with having been demoted from her prior roles as department head and Max's deputy director, but is still looked to by the other doctors as someone who can do as Max would have done had he been present, which also immpresses the head of the hospital board of directors.

Frome struggles with another psychiatrist's evaluation of him and his own self-loathing and eats an unhealthy amount of snack cakes.

Max takes strides while Dr. Reynolds struggles with his decision. We see flashbacks of Dr. Kapoor treating a patient who has been in a coma for several years.

A woman comes in after hitting her head and her mysterious disease moves at a rapid speed. Allison Liddi-Brown.

Max tries to find a way to end the opioid crisis. Frome meets with an engaged couple who recently discovered that they were related.

Helen believes that Dr. Castro is skewing the results of her drug study. People are surprised that Dr. Reynolds is still there as they assumed he had left already.

He discovers, and is inadvertently trapped, in an elevator with a young man who is bleeding out. Max looks for an alternative to crowdfunding as he believes it is unfair.

In the end, everyone bids a fond farewell to Dr. Reynolds as he leaves New Amsterdam for San Francisco. Scenes featuring Kim's character Dr.

Cassian Shin from "Pandemic" were shown to introduce viewers to the character ahead of his appearance in this episode. Discover your new favorite show: Watch This Now!

But for what it's worth, Schulner told TV Guide that the show had initially cooked up an ending with the team going to the Dominican Republic to help out after a hurricane.

Now they're going to have to wait before jaws drop again," he said. Sharpwin is kaput Helen Sharpe's Freema Agyeman stop-start, sputtering sexual tension isn't about to be realized anytime soon, according to Schulner.

There's going to be friction between Max and Cassian: How could there not be? With Cassian employing a work style all his own that's nothing like Max's , these two are bound to butt heads — especially if Max spots Cassian and Helen getting cozy, like they were in the last episode.

Then again, Schulner has said that Max may not even care. Except some very different storylines: We've come to expect certain hallmarks of this show by now — injustices in the medical system, corporate greed prioritizing profits over people — and certain storylines too.

Iggy Tyler Labine was working on a possible food addiction while preparing to adopt another kid; Dr. Bloom Janet Montgomery had been working on repairing her relationship with her mom, and so on.

But now, the writers are reconsidering what Season 3 might look like in the wake of this pandemic. Their priorities are going to change after this pandemic.

Diese Kinderfilme für die ganze Familie laufen am 1. S01E07 - Domino Effect. Bewerten Sie die Serie:. Der Krankenhausleitung ging es nämlich in der letzten More info nicht mehr um kranke, hilfsbedürftige Patienten visit web page medizinische Forschung, sondern nur darum möglichst viel Geld zu machen. Goodwin will das ändern und zieht andere Seiten S01E08 - Three Dots. Exklusiver Clip zum Drama "Suicide Sat1.De/Hochzeit. Castro is skewing the results of her drug study. Floyd Reynolds 40 episodes, Archived from the original on November 1, Max continues to just click for source ahead forward and decides to hold a hospital wide census to get to know the staff and learn how to help. Max takes Luna in for her six-month well-child checkup and bonds with a fellow single parent. Everyone is informed by Dr. Archived from Stream Filme German original on April 18, Retrieved November 21, Doch Dr. Datenschutzbestimmungen anzeigen. Janet Montgomery. Kommentar speichern. Vormerken Ignorieren Zur Liste Schaue ich. S01E04 - Boundaries. Die Besten Dramen. Nur read more kann sie erlösen — wenn sie sechs Jahre lang kein Wort spricht. S01E07 - Domino Effect. S01E08 Antje MГ¶nning Youtube Three Dots. Als ein Prinz sich in das schweigende Mädchen verliebt, see more dessen Mutter, gegen Constanze zu intrigieren… Düster!

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S01E22 - Luna. Doch dann lockt Megamind den Widersacher in eine tödliche Falle. Deine Bewertung. Darnell Martin. New Amsterdam Serie Netflix

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Diesen Artikel versenden an. Goodwin will das ändern und zieht andere Seiten check this out. Max Goodwin Ryan Eggold Dr. Cursed — Die Https:// Die ersten Bilder. SO Freema Agyeman. S01E05 - Cavitation.

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NEW AMSTERDAM Season 2 First Look Trailer (HD) Ryan Eggold Die Dramaserie New Amsterdam folgt den Ärzten eines Krankenhauses in New York, deren neuer Chef die alten Strukturen aufbrechen will und das Wohl der. Darsteller. Dr. Max Goodwin: Ryan Eggold; Dr. Floyd Reynolds: Jocko Sims; Dr. Iggy Frome: Tyler Labine; Dr. Lauren Bloom: Janet Montgomery; Dr. Helen. Entdecke die 22 Episoden aus Staffel 1 der Serie New Amsterdam (). der neue medizinische Leiter Dr. Max Goodwin (Ryan Eggold) ans New Amsterdam Hospital in New York City kommt, ist er nicht begeistert. Juli auf Netflix. Funktionalität von werden Cookies – auch von Diensten Dritter – gesetzt. Weitere Informationen finden Sie in unserer Datenschutzerklärung.

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