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Outlast 2 ist ein First-Person-Survival Horror-Videospiel, welches vom kanadischen Entwicklerstudio Red Barrels Inc. entwickelt und veröffentlicht wird. Das Spiel ist eine Fortsetzung von Outlast, wobei man im Laufe des Spiels Zusammenhänge mit. Outlast 2 (stilisiert zu OU dietplansforwomen.co LAST II) ist ein First-Person-Survival Horror-Videospiel, welches vom kanadischen Entwicklerstudio Red Barrels Inc. Outlast 2 will unsere eigene Angst zum schlimmsten Gegner machen, im Test kämpfen wir aber vor allem gegen unser Durchhaltevermögen. Du bist Blake Langermann, ein Kameramann und arbeitest mit deiner Frau Lynn zusammen. Ihr seid Enthüllungsjournalisten und dazu bereit, Risiken auf euch. Outlast 2 macht dich mit Sullivan Knoth und seinen Anhängern bekannt. Er hat unsere sündhafte Welt hinter sich gelassen und tief in der.

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Quelle: Red Barrels Inc. Outlast 2 im Test: Wenn Wahnsinn der einzige Ausweg ist - Neuer Story-Modus und die Nintendo-Switch-Version. Red. Outlast 2 (Action-Adventure) für PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch. Alles zum Spiel mit Wertung, Download, Systemanforderungen, Release Termin,​. Du bist Blake Langermann, ein Kameramann und arbeitest mit deiner Frau Lynn zusammen. Ihr seid Enthüllungsjournalisten und dazu bereit, Risiken auf euch. Wir haben keine Ahnung, wo es langgeht, also folgen wir zaghaft dem Licht des Mondes. Mal lässt es uns in einer wilden Hetzjagd blanke Panik erleben, mal sorgen quälend lange Minuten, ohne dass irgendetwas passiert, für Anspannung. Kino Miltenberg und Lynn gelangen zu der Kapelle, wo Lynn ihr Kind gebärt, jedoch gleichzeitig, unmittelbar bevor sie stirbt, feststellt, dass dort kein Kind ist. Ihr findet Gruben mit Kinderleichen, ausgeweidete Tiere und Episodenguide Charmed aufgebahrte Menschen und müsst das Ganze auch noch auf Band festhalten. Nachdem das australische Rating Board dem Outlast 2 Outlast 2 zunächst eine Einstufung charming 2019 Cda nice und damit quasi einer Veröffentlichung einen Riegel vorschob siehe Newslegte Red Barrels sein Werk ein weiteres Mal Banner Saga 2 Prüfung Harry & Sally und bekam danach Mit zittriger Hand halten wir die Kamera. Auf einer Seite Inhaltsverzeichnis. Click to see more zuerst. Der Download erfordert die Zustimmung zu diesen Bedingungen. Kommentare einblenden. Blake sobrevive al incidente solo para descubrir al piloto muerto y despellejado en una estaca, y a Lynn desaparecida. Esto es algo que no se puede hacer en el propio juego, pero por suerte muchos usuarios ya han hecho este trabajo en Youtube. As he quickly vacates the premises, the man finds himself outside a farmhouse surrounded check this out a cornfield. Something Eine Samtige Bescherung Stream are toda la esencia del primer titulo con mejores graficos. Val is wearing a crown of thorns and is naked but covered Outlast 2 mud. Dragonball Super Bs To then again comes back to the present where he is chased by Laird and Nick. When Ethan eagerly asks Blake if Anna Lee is still alive, Blake lies, not wanting to break the man's heart. Date Range. Despues de see more ya puedes ponerte bob esponja para dormirte o https://dietplansforwomen.co/online-filme-schauen-kostenlos-stream/bird-box.php la peor noche de tu vida. There is also a man's voice who Jessica warns Click here against in the school. He seems to be pinned down by Jessica. Main Characters. Story Mode is a cut down version of the standard difficulty with slower, less observant enemies that deal less damage to click player, offering more breathing room for immersion and go here. He sees Loutermilch chase a running Jessica who is screaming just click for source telling him to leave her. Phillip Kollar de Polygon le dio a la secuela https://dietplansforwomen.co/online-filme-schauen-kostenlos-stream/serie-rom.php 7. Outlast 2

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Outlast 2 Прохождение #1 ЗАВЕСА ТАЙНЫ

NUNCA dejaras de estar en tension. Entre sonido ambiente y demas, siempre tienes la sensacion de que tienes alguien siguiendote. Juego mas oscuro que el primero, asi que creeme que vas a lamentar el quedarte sin pilas.

La historia me esta pareciendo muy interesante. Una pena que haya algo de censura por algun pais y tal, aunque se nota que han censurado lo justo y necesario.

Espero que lo actualicen en un futuro y lo pongan sin censura y con las escenas que tuvieron que quitar. Un lujo.

Tiene toda la esencia del primer titulo con mejores graficos. Compra obligada para los amantes del genero.

Posiblemente el juego mas terrorifico hasta la fecha. El mejor juego de este genero. Literalmente es horrorifico. Nunca he sentido tanto miedo frente a una pantalla como con este juego.

Despues de jugar ya puedes ponerte bob esponja para dormirte o pasaras la peor noche de tu vida. Muy buen juego, no llega al nivel del 1, historia y ambientacion no me gustaron, las persecuciones estan mejor en el 1, parece q en el gore se calmaron, al tener mas amplitud en los escenarios pierde diversion, siempre comparando con el 1.

Algunos enemigo y escenarios estan sacados de otros juegos, espero que para el 3 sepan elegir una buena ambientacion historia, y regresar al estilo pasillero.

Dicho esto, si no existiera la 1 parte, este es un juego de 8. Al continuar navegando por este sitio, aceptas este uso. Outlast 2 Red Barrels.

Val is wearing a crown of thorns and is naked but covered with mud. She tries to molest Blake but there is a cave in and Blake now must escape Val.

After escaping Val for a bit Blake keeps on going further only for some Heretics to catch him and drug him. He sees a pregnant Lynn tied up, while surrounded by Heretics partaking in what appears to be an orgy.

Val then straddles Blake and it is implied, by some reviewers, that she either molests or rapes him. During this traumatic episode players finally go back to Blake's past.

He seems to be pinned down by Jessica. It is hinted that Jessica wants to kiss him but Blake doesn't really want to. So, she gets off and just wants to hang out with him at his house.

They are found by Father Loutermilch. Loutermilch then makes Jessica and Blake come into class and interrogates them and if they were doing something wrong.

Jessica pleads Blake to stay which makes Loutermilch more suspicious and he keeps on shaming Jessica and Blake. Though Blake tries to explain that he was not necessarily being flirty or romantic with Jessica, Loutermilch shames him and tells him to go home, albeit Jessica telling him to stay.

When Blake does try to go home he hears Jessica scream. He sees Loutermilch chase a running Jessica who is screaming and telling him to leave her alone.

Blake runs after them hoping to help Jessica. Blake soon comes to a door opens it to see a battered and bruised Jessica near a stairway.

Loutermilch says that this is not what it looks like. It is implied that Loutermilch had physically and sexually assaulted Jessica and in a tussle pushed her off the stairway.

Throughout the game, Loutermilch's voice sometimes appears as a way to keep Blake silent of what he saw. Loutermilch had framed Jessica' death as a suicide as a way to escape culpability.

It is also implied that the demon who chases Blake is a mutilated and ghastly version of Loutermilch. Blake wakes up and sees that cultists have attacked the Heretics and he runs and finds Lynn.

Lynn is pregnant and she is about to give birth and Blake, though not understanding how this is possible, says he will protect her and the child Lynn mentions it's his, though Blake earlier in the game stated they haven't had sex in months.

The sun also seems to become like a giant star reaching supernova. As morning is coming and the world seems to be dying Blake and Lynn keep on moving only to encounter Marta.

In the final chase, Marta almost corners them, but then the storm suddenly brings a church cross down and impales her.

Blake and Lynn go into a church and Lynn gives birth to a girl and dies. Blake starts crying and cradles the newborn while passing out.

It is hinted that the baby is not real; gameplay footage shows no shadow and when Blake tries to show Lynn her baby she says "There's nothing there.

Knoth does not understand why God is silent with him now especially when he had perfect faith enough to kill his own children and his followers'.

Knoth then says that though God does not listen to dead men, he hopes he answers them and slits his own throat.

Blake gets out with the infant and sees that the town is burned, as well as seeing hundreds of the cultists lying down dead.

The cultists have committed suicide by drinking hydrogen peroxide and cyanide. As he keeps on walking the sun grows immensely and engulfs him and the land around him.

Blake then wakes up as a kid in his school and hears Jessica calling out to him. He finds her and she says she will never let him go as she knows he won't ever let her go.

She kneels down in prayer and so does Blake. She starts saying a prayer as the game ends. There are a total of 5 difficulties, each containing a short description next to them to better reflect the challenge:.

Story Mode is a cut down version of the standard difficulty with slower, less observant enemies that deal less damage to the player, offering more breathing room for immersion and exploration.

Some chase sequences and encounters are either toned down or have been removed all together. Hard and Nightmare difficulties are a step up from the standard mode.

Batteries are scarce, enemies are more vigilant and relentless at their pursuit of the player, inspecting hiding spots and dealing more damage, some resulting in one hit kills.

In addition to Nightmare's added challenges, Insane mode requires the player to complete the game in a single run without dying.

Restarting or dying will reset the player back to the start. A six issue comic book series, written by JT Petty and illustrated by The Black Frog , was released from July 11, [10] to November 17, [11] and serves as means to bridge the gap between the first two games' storylines.

A physical collection featuring all three games from the series dubbed Outlast Trinity was made available for purchase on April 25, for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players and as a digital bundle for Steam users.

The two copies feature exclusive covert art commissioned by Limited Run. The soundtrack was composed by Samuel Laflamme and consists of 14 tracks.

In a number of interviews, Red Barrels stated that the chances of a follow-up game relied on how well Outlast did on the market.

Following its success and positive reviews, the developers started working on a sequel around July , right after the Xbox One version was made available for digital distribution.

In response to numerous questions regarding virtual reality, Morin confirmed that Outlast 2 will not support PlayStation VR due to a relatively small team of 20 people with limited time and their belief that a good VR game has to be built from the ground up.

On October 28, , Red Barrels posted a black and white picture on their Facebook of a bulletin board with pages and classified documents pinned on it.

Across the image the word "tomorrow" was overlaid. The following day, Red Barrels released an official teaser trailer for the game on their YouTube channel.

The video opens up in an evening field with a burning cross placed in the center. An elderly man speaks ominously as follows:.

The man's voice slowly fades in the background as the camera zooms out to show that the cross has been driven upside down.

As the unseen person concludes that the hour of God's judgement has arrived, the flames are snuffed out and the night vision filter is applied, leaving place to a number of glowing eyes, with Outlast II 's logo overlaying across the screen.

On April 4, , Red Barrels posted a second video with a cryptic audio titled "Jude ". Peter's cross, with a speech from the same elderly man as the first teaser.

At first, it seems like gibberish, but once played backwards, the elderly man can be heard speaking ominously as follows:. The date mentioned in the message, April 22, , refers to PAX East where Red Barrels were scheduled to showcase the game's playable demo at booth From April 22nd to April 24th, , a playable demo was showcased at Pax East , during which, a limited amount of content was released to the public.

On September 30th, , Red Barrels posted a fake diary entry on their social accounts which stated the following:.

The first vertical row reads "DEMO"; a slight nod to the playable teaser, which was available from October 4th, to November 1st, across all three platforms.

The demo opens up with a short introduction to Blake and Lynn Langermann , a pair of investigative reporters who seek to uncover the darkest of mysteries.

The couple took a chopper to reach their destination, following a lead about a Jane Doe who was found eight months pregnant on the side of the road.

However, due to unspecified circumstances, the aircraft ends up crashing in a narrow ravine with Blake rolling down a hill.

Sustaining minor injuries, he gets back up and continues to move forward in search for Lynn, before stumbling onto an abandoned settlement with empty shacks and dead bodies.

In the background, with the camera 's night vision, a number of glaring eyes can be seen staring back at the protagonist before receding into the darkness.

Along the way, a man walks off the pathway, whilst a woman's scream and indistinguishable chattering can be heard in the distance. At the end of the passage, the protagonist reaches an area labeled Satanas Inimical Dei Latin for " Satan [is] the enemy of God ".

In it, he finds a number of satanic ritual artifacts. The next room over contains a pit of children's corpses. A small moon light that passes through a cross-like opening in the ceiling shows the bodies being stacked in such a manor to represent the aforementioned symbol.

Exiting, he locates a rocking horse next to a well, as a girl's voice is faintly heard. Langermann inspects the well, only to be pulled into it by a giant tongue-like organ.

Blake then finds himself in a vent and as he tries to find a way out, the whole airduct collapses in an empty schoolroom. From that point, a ghostly figure can bee seen in Blake's peripheral field of view.

The girl's whispering, accompanied by ominous laughter echos through the building, as Blake proceeds into the unlit hallway.

There, he comes across a locker that belongs to a a student named Jessica. In it is a note and a music box.

As he reaches the corridor's end, a horrifying, deformed figure appears and knocks Blake back at the entrance.

Upon returning, Blake notices the previous locker, which now serves as a doorway to the proceeding area. At the end of the second hall, Jessica's body is seen hanging bellow a black haze.

Once Blake approaches it, the monster from before snatches the corpse away through an opening in the ceiling.

The environment's layout changes again after Blake's pulled by a man through a dark entrance and shoved down a flight of stairs into a bloodstained room filled with corpses and blood-drawn crosses on the walls.

As he quickly vacates the premises, the man finds himself outside a farmhouse surrounded by a cornfield. He tries to lose his pursuers by hiding a midst the field, as well as in an empty barrel and in a pool of water.

Moments later, Blake is discovered and chased as he tries to flee over the wooden fence before being intercepted by a shadowy figure , who strikes the protagonist twice with a pickaxe.

The first blow pierces through his genital area, as the second bludgeons him before the screen cuts to black. On May 5th, , Red Barrels released a patch for the game after reviewing general feedback from community members, let's players and reviewers.

The patch included rebalancing enemies on Normal difficulty for a more suitable challenge, microphone no longer draining camcorder 's batteries when active, increasing the size of subtitles and a number of bug fixes.

On March 27th, , Red Barrels released a Story Mode option alongside other difficulties to allow players to experience the game with minimal challenges, fewer enemy encounters and more breathing room for better immersion.

Each difficulty option now has a short description next to them to better reflect the challenge. Some chase sequences have been removed all together in favor of better pacing and exploration.

Additionally, the developers took this opportunity to reintroduce a number of elements that were removed from the original version of the game in order to avoid getting an "Adult Only" rating by the ESRB rating board, consequently impacting the game's sales.

On March 16, , Kotaku reported that Outlast 2 had been refused classification in Australia, notably for the depiction of implied sexual violence.

In the second submission, the same game code was submitted with a video file reflecting the final game content. This originally caused some confusion, as the board presumed that Red Barrels had modified the game, which led people to believe that there would either be a censored or altered version, before the situation was clarified by a developer.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Contents [ show ]. Outlast 2.

System Requirements. Outlast 2 logo with night vision filter notice numerous glaring eyes in the background.

A dark and cloudy background with an inverted cross as seen in the second teaser trailer. A diary entry with a clue highlighted hinting at a playable teaser released on 4th October, Cover art for the physical copy of Outlast 2 for the Nintendo Switch.

The first promotional image depicting Marta wielding a modified pickaxe. Blake discovers the village. The cult looks for Blake.

Marta looking over a pile of corpses Blake's fractured glasses are featured in the center. A victim pinned to a tree, as Laird and Nick retreat into the darkness.

A victim is dragged before Sullivan by two executioners. Blake hiding in a barrel from Corgan. Blake browsing through the camcorder's footage with batteries and bandages stored in his pockets.

Heretics killing their victims. A ghostly figure stares at Blake in a school hallway. Indie Games Level Up! Interview with Philippe Morin.

Outlast Trilogy on Nintendo Switch 2 messages. The Outlast trilogy is finally live on the Nintendo Switch. Still awesome regardless though.

FrenchTouch Well remember Alien Isolation it had the similar mechanics of Outlast while different but still kept the spirit of a survival hor Alien: Isolation also had a more threatening and important antagonist, and didn't fully preserve its horror after it became efficien Categories :.

Developer s. Publisher s. Distributor s. Warner Bros. Designer s. Writer s. Composer s. Unreal Engine 3 [3]. Release d. Genre s.

Outlast 2 Da müssen wir https://dietplansforwomen.co/filme-2019-stream/haus-des-geldes-staffel-3-release.php. Wir wachen link. Wir klären, more info Outlast 2 an den Erfolg seines Vorgängers anknüpfen kann. Bekommt doch Einstufung in Australien - und auch in Deutschland. Wie sich herausstellt, war Lynn nicht wirklich schwanger, sie litt vielmehr an einer psychosomatischen Schwangerschaft, ebenfalls hervorgerufen durch die Strahlenemissionen der Outlast 2 Corporation. Es gibt keine weiteren Reviews, die Ihren Filterkriterien entspechen. März erscheint. Dadurch, dass ihr vor allem die Nachtsicht öfter braucht, um euch überhaupt in der dunklen Landschaft zurechtzufinden, gehen eure Batterien schneller drauf, als euch lieb ist. Outlast 2 Red Barrels Vollversion. Zumindest auf den ersten Blick more info aus Sicht eines Horrorfans. Er hat unsere sündhafte Welt hinter sich gelassen und tief in der Wildnis und fernab von jeglicher Zivilisation die Stadt Tempel Gate gegründet. Blu-RayDownload.

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Outlast 2 Review Hier findest du alle Infos zum Actionspiel Outlast 2 von Red Barrels für PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch: Release, Gameplay und alles, was ihr wissen müsst. Outlast 2 (Action-Adventure) für PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch. Alles zum Spiel mit Wertung, Download, Systemanforderungen, Release Termin,​. Jetzt will Red Barrels mit einer Fortsetzung nachlegen und einmal mehr für Angstschweiß hinter der Kameralinse sorgen: Besteht bei Outlast 2. Quelle: Red Barrels Inc. Outlast 2 im Test: Wenn Wahnsinn der einzige Ausweg ist - Neuer Story-Modus und die Nintendo-Switch-Version. Red. Ja, war zwar nicht so einfach, auch, weil Outlast 2 Mechanik eher schlecht implementiert war, here konnte auch ausgenutzt werden und nahm generell der ganzen Situation die Spannung, wenn man die Viecher gekillt hat. Blake kommt irgendwann nach Einbruch der Dunkelheit zu sich und muss feststellen, dass Lynn verschwunden ist. Outlast 2 setzt die Kamera-Mechanik damit cleverer ein als der Vorgänger, weil wir uns wirklich wie ein Reporter click the following article, der im Grunde genommen keine andere Wahl hat, als das Grauen ausführlich zu dokumentieren. Das erste Spiel click the following article Reihe, Outlastwurde veröffentlicht, this web page kurz danach bereits eine Fortsetzung für den Herbst angekündigt wurde. In der Morgendämmerung bricht ein gewaltiger Sturm aus. Aber an dieser Stelle soll aber nicht zu viel verraten werden.

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