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It is not fully understood how it occurs. In some cases they occur after an injury but in most there is no obvious cause. A ganglion is usually attached to a joint or tendon, and the fluid inside is a thicker version of the fluid which 'lubricates' the joint and tendon sheaths synovial fluid.

The most common site for a ganglion to be found is on the back of the wrist. It can also occur on the other side of the wrist, on the hand, and on the top of the foot.

Other sites of the body are affected less commonly. The main symptom is one of swelling. Ganglions sometimes called ganglia usually are very smooth and round.

Their size can vary from being very small pea-sized to being larger plum-sized. Larger ganglions can sometimes be unsightly.

They can sometimes be painful, particularly if they lie next to a nerve. They never spread to other areas of the body.

Although they are present all the time for most people, they can be present intermittently. In many people, they disappear completely over time without any treatment.

Usually no tests are required and your doctor can tell if the lump is a ganglion just by examining you.

Very occasionally if the diagnosis is not clear, a scan such as an ultrasound scan or MRI scan may be needed.

If a ganglion does not cause symptoms it is best just to leave it alone. However, many people prefer to be rid of them, especially if they are causing pain or discomfort.

Many people have heard of the traditional cure. That is, to smash them with a heavy book tradition holds it to be the family bible. This bursts the cyst under the skin.

The fluid is then absorbed into the bloodstream. In some people who are brave enough this works well, but there is a high chance of it coming back recurring , as the walls of the cyst can reform.

It can be an instant cure for some but there is a risk of damage to other parts of the hand. In some cases it is possible to suck out aspirate the fluid with a needle and syringe.

If the jelly-like fluid is very thick this may not work. Also, if it does work, there is a chance that the cyst will recur, as the wall of the cyst is not removed, and the fluid may form again to refill the ganglion.

However, in some people it cures the problem. As it is quite easy for a doctor to do, this is often attempted first.

Surgical removal of the ganglion is the most successful cure. This is a relatively minor operation.

This is the treatment that is most likely to be permanent. However, in some cases after a ganglion is removed, one recurs again at the same site.

J Clin Orthop Trauma. Epub Jun 3. Gude W, Morelli V ; Ganglion cysts of the wrist: pathophysiology, clinical picture, and management.

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Angeln im Industriehafen! Dieser Fisch ist kaum zu stoppen! Back to Health A to Z. Complications Having a ganglion cyst removed is a minor procedure, so complications are continue reading and seldom. No one knows exactly what https://dietplansforwomen.co/filme-2019-stream/perfect-world.php a ganglion cyst to develop. American Society for Surgery of the Hand. Photo Gallery.

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If you want to have a cyst removed for cosmetic reasons, you'll probably have to pay for private treatment. Aspiration is usually carried out in the outpatient department of your local hospital or GP surgery.

Your doctor will use a needle and syringe to remove as much of the contents of the ganglion as possible.

This can be removed about 6 hours after the procedure. Aspiration is simple and painless, and you'll be able to leave the hospital or surgery straight after.

It's often the first treatment option offered for ganglion cysts as it's less invasive than surgery. If a cyst does return, surgery may be necessary.

The choice depends on where the ganglion is, which anaesthetic you'd prefer and what your surgeon thinks is best.

Both techniques are equally effective at removing the cyst and reducing the risk of it returning. Keyhole surgery tends to cause less pain after the operation, but waiting times are often longer.

The wound is not usually painful, but you'll be given painkillers to take if you feel any discomfort after the operation.

If the cyst was removed from your wrist or hand, you may need to wear a sling for the first few days. This helps keep your arm safe from any accidental knocks, and may help reduce swelling and discomfort.

Move your fingers regularly to help keep the joints flexible. Surgery to remove a ganglion cyst leaves a scar, which can occasionally be thick and red.

For some people, the skin around the scar remains numb after the operation. This may be caused by a minor infection treatable with antibiotics.

Lasting pain or stiffness may need further treatment with physiotherapy. How much time you need to take off work after surgery to remove a ganglion cyst largely depends on your job and where the ganglion is.

Having a ganglion cyst removed is a minor procedure, so complications are rare and seldom serious. If you have the operation under general anaesthetic, there's also a very small risk of complications to your heart and lungs.

Dansk Deutsch Nederlands Svenska Edit links. History Channel. Aryan Brotherhood in the California federal prison system.

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