The Acai Berry looks a lot like grapes hanging on a vine but it is far from being just a grape. They grow in the Amazon Jungle at the tops of very tall palm trees.

South American farmers than collect the berries and mash them into a pulp so they can be turned into a drink or capsule supplement. They also have to be freeze dried immediately after picking so they retain their nutritional qualities.

Their rich dark color that gives it a distinct purplish hue together with a slight chocolate flavor is also the source of countless powerful antioxidant as well.

As more health benefits keep pouring in, the Acai has begun to make a difference all around the world in people’s overall health and wellbeing. The level of antioxidants, anthocyanins, vitamins and minerals is simply off the charts.

They are also loaded with a hearty portion of fiber, protein, and omega 6 and omega 9 fatty acids which contributes to the health of the heart as well as weight loss. These same nutrients help lower bad cholesterol while raising good cholesterol too.

Supplementing with the Acai Berry can help you look younger as well. It is believed that the high levels of anthocyanins together with abundant amounts of antioxidants and vitamins contribute to its beneficial anti-aging properties.

There has been a few studies at Universities which show Acai Berries may contribute to cancer prevention but this is probably nothing more than an increase in healthy supplementation from a very powerful food rather than something special within the fruit.

When it comes to weight loss, this magical fruit steals the show.

Because of the massive amounts of nutrients it keeps your metabolism ticking in top shape and the dense fiber will cleanse your colon which not only means detoxification but also dropping several pounds of unwanted colon gunk too.

Of course that also means you will see a slimmer, more tone tummy area within just a few days!

In more than a decade of research there the Acai berry has never been found to have any side effects. It is a berry and fruit however so if you have any allergic reactions to either of those, you should use this product with caution.

Much like Ashwagandha, this berry has became so popular over the last decade that it is even being used in beauty and skin care products such as creams, anti-aging therapies, shampoos and a plethora of other products.

One thing you have to be wary of when buying this fruit is the manufacturing process. Because it requires a lot of work and can be costly many companies will try to cut corners.

Be cautious that when you decide on the supplement that is right for you, that you double check to make sure the company you are buying from is a reputable one.

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