South Beach Diet plan stresses on a healthier way of living. It is based on Dr. Arthur Agatston’s recommendations. This diet plan has three phases. The first two phases have fixed time duration, while the last phase continues for lifetime.

The plan is useful to avoid adding calories and to enjoy a range eating healthy and delicious food daily. However, it is strongly recommended to avoid all kinds of carbohydrates.

The user is provided the listing of personal food program for the week. He gets all information on different delicious recipes and useful tips with photos of the dishes.

One can relish all the favorite dishes without suppressing the hunger or staying hungry. You can follow it easily and get the individual support online for losing the weight from the dietitians, after you join the program.

The South Beach Diet program is split into three phases.

Phase 1: It lasts two weeks. It gets rid of the urge for eating sugar as well as starches to help weight reduction. The level of blood sugar is stabilized. It is more helpful for diabetic persons. Moreover, it assists to lose lots of weight.

The user can eat a lot of food that is full of nutrients and fiber to content his hunger. The food includes lean proteins such as fish, poultry, lean meat, high fiber vegetables, eggs, low fat cheese and dairy products. Food with unsaturated fats is also allowed.

It emphasizes on eating snacks as well. You may select two delicious snacks day after day, like reduced-fat cheese, veggies zesty Peanut. Moreover, you can take some desserts such as Chilled Espresso Custard, etc.

Phase 2: has a long period. If someone likes to lose around 10 pounds of weight, he can join this phase provided he is not having any issues of cravings. People without much of belly fat and others can enroll on this phase to become healthier.

One can eat all items included in phase 1 along with those with good carb, similar to whole-grain bread, whole-wheat pasta, brown rice fruits, veggies, like sweet potatoes, etc. He can also enjoy snacks and desserts.

You are contented as you can eat many delicious foods and side dishes. Additionally, you can take desserts with the dinner. Even you get healthier while you lose weight. It helps you switch over to lifestyle a South Beach type diet plans and you choose to eat healthy and nutritious food to maintain the weight and health.

Phase 3: constitutes the maintaining your weight and health once you attain the ideal weight. You keep on to adhering to the rules of first two phases. This phase is to be followed for your entire life.

The phase 3 allows eating some more food only occasionally in addition to that permitted in earlier phases so that you stay healthy and maintain the right weight. The main point is to maintain the weight lifelong.

During phase 3 on this dieting plan, you can eat Pomegranate, Pancakes, Chicken Pot Pie, Spiked Beef Stew, etc., but only on a few limited occasions.

When you adapt to a healthy lifestyle with South Beach Diet plans, you can easily reduce your eight and maintain your health forever.