A Wine Country Diet?
The Sonoma Diet is meant to conjure up images of wine country, beautiful green pastures, and verdant grape vines. Connie Guttersen, PhD, RD and the creator of the Sonoma diet believes in the good life and that meals should be about celebration, not deprivation. Inspired by delicious recipes from the Mediterranean, you will not be eating diet food or sacrificing taste. If simple, deliciously seasoned meats and vegetables are appealing then this is the diet for you.

How do I lose weight then?
Processed foods are discouraged and plate size is one of the methods used for portion control. You will not be losing weight by avoiding food but by eating satisfying amounts of some of the best tasting food in the world. There’s no “diet food” here – just wholesome, fresh, and delicious everyday foods that are easy to find, even easier to prepare, and proven to help you lose weight and improve your health!

What’s on the Menu?
The diet is designed around two food concepts; simple and flavorful. Because the diet centers on enjoying food, not avoiding it; portion sizes are important. Lists of recipes and meal plans have been created and are categorized for easy access on the website with plenty of variety to prevent boredom. One example of a dinner menu includes Pork Chops with Rosemary, brussel sprouts, bread, fruit, an optional glass of wine (Carbernet Sauvignon, Merlot or Syrah) and an apple-blueberry tart for dessert. You will also learn the top ten power foods to regularly incorporate into your daily meals for a lifetime of health.

How Does the Plan Work?
The Sonoma diet is broken up into “waves” and begins with a cleansing introduction:

Wave 1: Introduction
The first 10 days is the boot camp of the program. You will remove sugar and highly processed foods from your diet and learn the basics of nutrition and portion control. You will purge all processed and hydrogenated fatty foods from your cupboards.

Several delicious recipes are offered during this phase like Greek salad with shrimp, mushroom omelet and a steak blue cheese wrap to name a few. Food like white rice, potato chips, butter, and sausage are forbidden. This step is to allow you body to recalibrate itself to a new way of eating.

You will, however, be eating lean beef, eggs, eggplant, low fat cottage cheese, olive oil, almonds, and an unlimited amount of herbs and spices. Several delicious recipes are offered during this phase like Greek Salad with Shrimp, Mushroom Omelet and a Steak blue cheese wrap to name a few. These recipes are designed to keep you excited and your taste buds engaged in this new eating routine.

Wave 2: Reaching the Goal
In wave 2, all of the foods from wave 1 remain and the menu expands to include some of the originally banned foods. More then two dozen fruits are now on the menu, a wide range of vegetables, select sugar free sweets and wine. This is the phase you will stay with until you obtain your target weight goal.

Wave 3: Healthy for Life
The final stage is about incorporating a healthy and delicious way of luxury eating for the rest of your life.

The Experts
In a review of the Sonoma diet conducted by WebMD, Elisa Zied, MSRD (a spokeswomen for the American Diabetic Association) and nutrition expert Roger Clemens DrPH (food science communication for the Institute of Food Technologists) both gave positive reviews.

“The author, Connie Guttersen, has an interesting and creative approach to encourage people to modify their behaviors in a fun manner,” said Clemens. He also made it a point that he liked the emphasis on teaching people how to eye portion sizes on plates instead of counting calories and the endorsement of enjoyable eating.

“Guttersen identifies the diet as neither a low-fat nor a low-carbohydrate diet. She calls it a ‘next-step’ diet that has the right balance of nutrients to ensure health, weight loss, and satisfaction.”

How much does it cost?
Only $4 per week

Fast Facts

• Inexpensive
• Customized day by day plan
• Over 500 mouth watering easy to prepare recipes
• Registered dieticians online and on call
• Step by step guidance, there is no guess work
• You will lose the weight and keep it off

• Self-Motivation required
• Carbs are somewhat limited despite claims to the contrary

Michael’s Assesment
This is a fun diet! The food is full of flavor and learning portion control is easy because the meals are actually filling. If you enjoy a little bit of wine with your meals, this diet is a definite bonus for you. There are so many great recipes you will never get bored and the online support is really great.

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