In this article I’m going to discuss several ways you can lower your cholesterol. This will affect many areas of your overall health including your ability to live a longer life so take notes.

Also click on the links throughout this article to get more dialed in information directly from the experts. By the time you are done reading all of the articles you will be an expert yourself.

Reduce saturated fat to no more than 7 percent of total calories

Saturated fat is fuel for bad cholesterol. A goal of just 7 percent of total calories is no more than 16 grams per day for most people.

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Add 5 to 10 grams of soluble fiber a day

Soluble fiber helps trap cholesterol in the digestive tract so that it passes through your body rather than getting into your bloodstream. Just to make sure I get ample fiber for the day I always make sure my breakfast is high in fiber as breakfast foods are easy to plan out that way.

Supplement with Tribulus Terrestris

Will Tribulus Terrestris boost your testosterone? Probably not but it will increase your libido and possibly erection strength too. Plus another benefit is that it may actually help lower your cholesterol.

That’s pretty dang amazing to me so I think you should supplement with it just for that reason alone if you are a man!

Reduce calories and work toward your ideal body weight

If you are overweight, losing just 10 percent of your body weight can provide a significant health improvement.

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Make a lifestyle change to be more fit

Bad cholesterol isn’t something you want to mess around with and a permanent healthy lifestyle is an absolute must to keep it under control.

When most people think of being fit they think boring, however, just the opposite is true. There are absolutely fantastic meals you can make and the amount of fun activities you can do is almost limitless.

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