Bring a Little Joy Into Your Life

The Today Show’s resident nutritionist, Joy Bauer, is the creator of Joy Bauer’s Life Diet. This online membership program introduces you to Joy’s four stage weight loss program; Release, Relearn, Reshape, and Reveal. The stages are designed to teach you correct eating habits while helping you to break bad ones.

You will work online with a team of nutritionists who will customize a personal diet plan for you. You are provided with tools such as recipes, custom meal planner with shopping list, a personalized fitness plan, calorie calculator, and weight tracker. You will also have access to community support from a group of people just like you who are working to meet their weight and fitness goals!

What to expect in the stages

Stage 1: Release
In the release phase, you will lean the basics of the program, eating restrictions, begin exercising and drinking water to cleanse your system.

Stage 2: Relearn
In the second stage, your appetite is reprogrammed to a new way of eating and snacks are introduced into your eating regiment.

Stage 3: Reshape
You will focus on adding lean muscle while burning fat. Additional snacking is also added to the eating regiment.

Stage 4: Reveal
You have achieved your weight loss goal and are prepared for a brand new way of life.

What’s the Menu
You will be eating good carbs, fats, lean proteins, fruit, vegetables and treats like dark chocolate.


This diet includes required exercise 3 to 5 times per week. This should be something you do no matter what diet plan you chose. Healthy heart, healthy lungs, healthy life!

Cost of Membership
Only $5 per week.

Fast Facts


  • Inexpensive
  • 100’s of easy to make great tasting recipes
  • Personalized nutrition and exercise program
  • No counting
  • Easy to Follow
  • This is not some crash diet, changes are for life
  • Community Support


  • Meals are not prepared for you

Diet Plans for Women Opinion

This diet offers a permanent weight loss solution by customizing the program around you! This is what a personal diet plan should be and is exactly what Joy’s Life Diet offers. I’m impressed with the range of the diet which includes hundreds of great tasting and healthy recipes, a custom fitness plan (no gym required), and direct support from a licensed nutritionist.

Joy’s Life Diet is my number one recommended, non-food delivery, diet program for the budget conscious person… hands down! If you are using or going to use a meal delivery program (like Nutrisystem) I highly recommend you join Joy’s Life Diet when you are ready to move on to the maintenance stage.