How to Lose Belly Fat and Fast!

When people are asked what part of their body they dislike most, the overwhelming response is “my belly!” Our culture tends to define sex appeal as a trim stomach on women and a six pack on men and here is how you get lean:

I Want To Target the Fat On My Stomach!

Let’s dispel the myth right now… you can’t target stomach fat! It’s your genetics that will decide the body parts and the order it will remove the fat from.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying and trying to steal your money. In fact, doing 500 crunches will burn far less fat from your stomach than walking for 30 minutes.

Make it your mission to minimize your total body fat percentage and you will be ecstatic with the results of your midsection!

Quality Food is Very Important

It is very important to eat the good calories found in healthy and well balanced meals. If meal planning is difficult, I suggest the following programs to deliver high quality food which requires almost no planning or preparation:

Nutrisystem Review
Bistro MD Review

Exercise is a Must!

You will dramatically speed up fat loss by adding a mixture of both cardio and weight exercises throughout the week.

Weight exercises make the body expend calories to strengthen them for up to 3 hours after your workout is over. That is 3 hours of additional calorie burning even if you are sitting completely still.

If you are looking for professional training but can’t afford it or lack time to go to a gym, try one of these fantastic at home programs:

Joy Life
Jillian Michael’s

Stress Less!

Stress is directly linked to apatite stimulation and is tied to overeating. Here are some quick tips to distress:

Get More Sleep

We are a sleep deprived nation. Make sure you are getting enough! If you need help sleeping check out our Top 3 Natural Sleep Aids.

Positive Thinking

The law of attraction states, “What you focus on you will get.”

Focus on what you want which is a lean attractive midsection and that is exactly what you will get. Focus on what you don’t want which is probably a pot belly, that is also what you will get.

Buddy Up

Enlist a family member or friend to lose belly fat with! You will be surprised at how the encouragement you both receive helps keep the motivation.