What is e-Diets.com?

E-Diets.com is a Florida based weight loss Management Company started in 1996 with a membership of over 1.8 million people.

Their staff includes doctors, nutritionists, and writers that are publishing articles daily. They offer a large variety of health and weight loss services accessible through subscription.

How Does It Work?

E-Diets.com starts you off with a free diet profile. You will be asked a series of questions about your current lifestyle conditions and fitness goals.

The profile will include questions such as what is most important to you, if you still want to enjoy the current foods you are eating, do you enjoy fast food, etc.

A few follow up emails will complete your assessment and a diet program that “fits you” will be recommended.

What Makes e-Diets Different?

E-Diets.com is different from its competitors because of the vast array of popular diet options they offer. Everything from Atkins to Slim-fast is listed however, brand name deals change frequently.

They have excellent message boards and community support forums which have been rated as some of the best in the industry.

What is the Cost?

The online subscription price is $4.99 per week and is billed monthly. If you chose the home delivery meal plan (optional) it is $19.95 a day.

What Does My Subscription Get Me?
Personal Trainer and Licensed Dietician
Customized Workout Plan
Online Community Support
Access to thousands of Recipes

There are a variety of other products and services that can be purchased for additional cost.

What Diet Programs are offered through E-Diets? (Subject to change)

Most Popular Diets
Glycemic Diet
eDiets.com Weight Loss Plan
New Mediterranean Diet
Bill Phillips’ Eating For Life
Winter Diet

Additional Diets
Living With Type 2 Diabetes Plan
Heart Smart Plan
Low Sodium Plan
High Fiber Plan
Hypoglycemia / Low Sugar Plan
Healthy Soy Plan
Vegetarian Diet
Lactose-Free Plan
Low Fat Diet Plan
Wheat-Free Meal Plan

Fast Facts

Can switch between any diet at any time
Customized menus and recipes
Highly rated community support
Personalized fitness program
Live Phone Support
Diet related articles and stories updated daily

You need to be self motivated
Additional products and services cost extra
All diets offered are not necessarily good ones

Diet Plans for Women Assessment

E-Diets is an excellent option for those who get bored quickly with the same diet plan, however I do not recommend jumping from diet to diet as this can be unhealthy.

You should stay with a particular diet for a month and evaluate the results before trying a different one. I do not agree with the philosophy behind all of the diets offered but most of them are nutritionally sound (including the plans and recipes directly from e-Diets).

Their meal delivery program has received rave reviews from health magazine editors and customers based on taste, variety of dishes and fat loss results.