Gourmet Eating

Want to eat great tasting food and lose weight too? The Bistro MD diet breaks the traditional diet mold by providing great tasting, high quality food and delivers it to your front door.

The creator of Bistro MD, Doctor Caroline Cederquist, felt people with hectic lives needed a better dietary option than fast food to eat healthy and lose excess weight without giving up the convenience of quickly prepared meals.

And why should they sacrifice taste?

Chef Prepared Meals

Unlike some diet programs which send you freeze dried diet foods and shakes, Bistro chefs prepare fully balanced meals approved by Doctor Cederquist and her team of dietitians.

The dinner menu includes dishes like chicken Fajita’s, beef pot roast, North Atlantic Pollock, and grilled Teriyaki Salmon.

Will I be hungry?

The Bistro MD diet allows you to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. You are also given two snacks per day to help you get to your next meal.

Customizable Meals

Do you have a concern with the menu because of health problems, food allergies or religious preferences? No problem.

You can work with a dietitian to customize your weekly meals so the food you are eating meets your personalized needs.

Meals Rotated Weekly

The Bistro MD chefs have prepared a variety of different dishes over the course of 6 weeks to prevent boredom.

Yes, but how Convenient is it?

No cooking, cleaning, shopping or calorie counting. All you do is heat, eat and lose weight!

How Much Does Bistro MD Cost?

The Bistro MD diet has 4 price plans that are purchased in complete 7 day or 5 day work week bundles. The price for a week of food ranges from $129.95 – $179.95 depending on the plan you select.

This is not your budget diet plan nor is it your typical diet. You are eating three, chef prepared gourmet meals a day (not drinking diet shakes).

This price takes care of your diet weight loss program, grocery bill and saves you time (no shopping, cooking, cleaning or tracking calories) all rolled into one.

The Bistro Diet is real food, prepared by gourmet chefs, nutritiously balanced and is medically proven as an effective weight loss program. After all, you want to enjoy eating!

Fast Facts


  • Fully Balanced Meals delivered to your door
  • Pre-measured Portions
  • Heat and Eat is very convenient
  • Easy to Follow
  • Designed by Medical Doctors, Prepared by actual Chefs!


  • Costs more than other meal plans
  • Not ideal for family meals

Dr Phil on Bistro MD

According to Dr. Phil, Bistro M.D. is “The Best Home Meal Delivery Program”. Watch the clip below to learn more.

Diet Plans for Women Conclusion

This is a fantastic diet program with excellent tasting food. It is more expensive than Nutrisystem and Medifast so if cost is a factor, and you need to buy more than a months worth of food, I suggest you go with one of the other two diet plans.

If Bistro MD fits in your budget, however, this diet is a great way to go and is actually my favorite tasting meal delivery diet program.

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