Can You Say Unhealthy?

“A nightmare of a diet,” said the world’s largest organization of food and nutrition experts. The Atkins low carbohydrate, high fat and protein diet lures people into an unhealthy eating practice by promising rapid weight loss. Most of the initial weight loss is just water.

The short term drawbacks are poor concentration, low energy, dehydration and bad breath. Over a prolonged period of time dieters could experience kidney and liver damage and increase their risk of heart attack and stroke.

Former U.S. Surgeon General C. Evererett Koop summed up the Atkins philosophy by writing, “People need to wake up to the reality that the Atkins diet is unhealthy and can be dangerous.”

Diet Plans for Women Opinion:

If a high protein, low carb diet is your cup of tea then check out The Zone Diet. It is well balanced, lets you eat complex carbohydrates (the good kind) and you get to eat a lot of lean meats! There are also a ton of meal replacement options for those of you on the go.

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